Living Doll Experience 2020

 601 NE 107th St, Miami 33161, FL, United States 601 NE 107th St, Miami 33161, FL, United States Map Directions
25 October 2020
 (305) 726-3673

The Living Doll Experience

The Living Doll Experience is the premiere, kick-off event to Doll Season.  It features 15 girls that are transformed into “living dolls”.  These 15 "live dolls" are cased in life-sized doll boxes and represent all the beauty, grace and style that the little Black girl embodies including the multitude of ethnicities, lifestyles and cultures of the African Diaspora.   Once the Living Doll Experience show starts, an eclectic burst of fashion, music and dance collides bringing to life the image of the powerful, beautiful and undeniable Black girl.  The Living Doll Experience is a free event that is open to the community and features live music, free food, entertainment. Additional participants are vendors offering free items and social service agencies.

2020-10-25 2020-10-25 Living Doll Experience 2020

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