Hey Mom,

are you finding it hard

to get your child to do their school work? 

Hey Dad,

are your children currently 

not self guided learners?

Hey mompreneur,

are you attempting to

work from home and can't get a routine down?

Schooling at home, whether through a
public/private school or if you are
homeschooling/unschooling, requires us
to reset our mindset and grow
into a new family role.
 When I first took my daughters out of school to homeschool them, I felt like they could not function without my constant supervision.
Every time I would step away, they would be right behind me telling me about their broken pencil, asking when was snack time, wondering if they could take a break, or any other unrelated question imaginable!
Sometimes, they would just stare blankly at their work and get nothing done! It felt like they were not only not learning but they couldn’t function without constant guidance.
All I wished for was flow! 
For them to guide themselves through their tasks,
be drawn to their work, be excited about what they were learning, and get their work done quickly so we could go on about our day!

I have been there and it took me years to learn all the things I needed to create fluidity daily while juggling  a full time business, homeschooling, travel and life.

Sometimes we need personal attention to present
our areas of difficulty and get right to
the core of the issue. We will go
deep into each area of life that
affects your connection and interaction with
your children while creating ease in your day.

 We will go into:







-Family contract



One on one, so you can speak freely

about the areas you prefer! 


1:1 Coaching

for flow in Home Education

free form education transition

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