From intimate workshops to large events, Project: KAring strives to accommodate different lifestyles for easier access. We work together as a community because we understand that children need the support of their parents.



1:1 Coaching for flow in Home Education

free form education transition

1: 1 Zoom Call

Mindfulness in Home Education

7 Steps to form a flow with your child

school at home
Group training via Zoom


13-17 years old

Young Entrepreneurs Courses

group business creation

Group training via Zoom

Teen Support Circle

Safe place to share, process and hold space as we go through changes

Local/in-person: Miami


5-12 years old

Young Entrepreneurs Courses

group business creation

Artistic Expressions

Non product based art inspired by emotion

6-10 year olds
Local/in-person: Miami

Tinkering Minis

construction and creation of small projects

3-5 year olds
Local/in-person: Miami


17-22 years old

Young Entrepreneurs

group business creation program

Group training via Zoom 

1:1 Mentoring for Young Entrepreneurs

business creation mentoring

1: 1 Zoom Call 1 hour

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