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Transformative Mentoring for Teens

Transformative Mentoring for Teens


Transformative Mentoring for Teens

Kogeki Dojo

Kogeki Dojo

Miami Shores, Florida
(786) 332-4596

Kogeki Dojo

Mindfulness with Meka

Mindfulness with Meka

Chicago, Illinois
(708) 770-1176

Mindfulness with Meka

Kind Academy

Kind Academy

Margate, FL
(754) 204-8310

Kind Academy

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Oct 2020

The Living Doll Experience is the premiere, kick-off event to Doll Season. It features 15 girls that are transformed into “living dolls”. These 15 "live dolls" are cased in life-sized doll boxes and represent all the beauty, grace and style.


Jul 2020

This is a sample event I created to see how it shows up on the front end

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  • Project: KAring ...the experience!

    We held our first event as a way to see how children would adapt to all types of workshops. We were blown away by how receptive they were. Sometimes inexperience is confused with capability. Just because a child has not had much experience with something does not mean they are not capable of embracing that experience. During our first event we put this to the test.

    We mixed free play with more specific instruction. We shared experiences in yoga, emotions, herbs and healing, meditation, technology, and introspection. The experience was intriguing and entertaining. They opened up and shared and got to know each other in a deeper level. And the combination of opening them up to a deeper connection combined with free play created a fun and relaxing atmosphere in which they excelled.

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