Are you curious about what it is like to live mindfully?

Do you find yourself feeling sad or stressed about what the future holds?

Is it a struggle for you to connect to others or understand their perspectives?
We are born free to do what we wish, when we wish. As we get older, our parents, teachers and other members of society will start teaching us rules that sometimes make us feel out of control of our lives, our emotions and our future. This  can be extra hard during our teen and pre-teen years.
 For me, this idea of what life was supposed to be like caused me to feel overwhelmed with my fear and sadness, making me feel trapped and unhappy. It wasn't until my late teens, when I took off to go to college, that I was finally able to dive into the teachings and techniques of embracing the present moment, focusing on myself, and understanding perspective. Having a greater understanding of the bigger picture helped me see other issues as small and insignificant.

I always wished I had been given the tools earlier in life as to avoid many memories and sadness that developed from thoughts of what my future was supposed to be like.

When I had children, mindfulness was one of the first things I embraced in my parenting, so the tools would become second nature to my daughters as they grew, learned, and adapted to society.
During this course, we will:
-Learn about perspective through games
-Create a mindful practice
-Explore different techniques
-Connect with each other in mindful ways
-Learn to breath
-and much more...

Spring 2021 Online 11-14

Starting January 14th

12- week course
Ages 11-14

Spring 2021 Online 14-17

Starting January 14th

12- week course
Ages 14-17

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