Are you curious about what it is like to live mindfully?

Do you find yourself feeling sad or stressed about what the future holds?

Is it a struggle for you to connect to others or understand their perspectives?
When we are little we get to play and do fun things without having to stop and do chores, homework, or take classes we may not enjoy. As we get older, we are taught so many rules that sometimes make us feel out of control of our lives, our emotions and our future. This  can be extra hard during our pre-teen years, when we want to do what we think is fun, instead of what we are told.
 When I was a teen, these rules made me feel trapped and unhappy. It wasn't until I was 17, that I was able to learn tools to help me understand how I was feeling and how I could enjoy everything I was doing each day. 

I always wished I had been given the tools when I was much younger. Our tween and teen years bring on so much growth, we start to see our parents in a new light and understanding things a bit differently. Mindfulness helps create a greater understanding of the world around us.

During this course, we will:
-Learn about perspective through games
-Create a mindful practice
-Explore different techniques
-Connect with each other in mindful ways
-Learn to breath
-and much more...

Spring 2021 Online 11-14

Starting January 14th

12- week course
Ages 11-14

Spring 2021 Online 14-17

Starting January 14th

12- week course
Ages 14-17

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