Is your child interested in creating a business but you don't know how to help them get started?

Are you concerned about their hirability 
if they decide not to go to college?

Are they curious about how to turn their passion and interests into a business?
I was born to be an entrepreneur and always wished I had been given tools to get started in my younger years, as I struggled to do what I truly loved and make a profit. 
 Now after successfully creating a 6-figure business, selling it for profit, and more importantly failing many times previously.
I have created a program that takes students through
the in and outs of concept creation, process,
implementation, marketing and much more.
It's a priceless gift to give your children
the ability to create wealth,
adapt to a changing world, and be self sufficient!
During this course, we will:
-take a dive into how to choose an idea
-create a concept from the idea
-select a process that suites our lifestyle
-product conceptualization
-marketing for specific fields
-and much more...

Spring 2021 Online

Starting January 11th

12- week course
Ages 11-14

WINTER '20 Masterclass

Starting November 16th

4- week course
Ages 14-17

SPRING 2021 Masterclass

Starting October 19th

4- week course
Ages 14-17

SPRING 2021 Masterclass

Starting January 11th

4- week course
Ages 17-22

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