You just SURVIVED 2020, now it's time to THRIVE in the new year!

Was 2020 a rough year for you?? Girl, it was for us ALL!
But that's behind you now as we move forward into a new year.
It's time to Reset and Thrive.

Let's get back to what REALLY Matters!

What if you could...
Start your own business?
Improve your overall wellness?
Learn how to handle life's challenges with ease?
Truly start living the life of your dreams?

3 single mamas versed in different realms of life came together to create this masterclass for YOU!

After this course you will walk away with a plan to conquer 2021.

This course will include the following 5 Modules:

Shifting Your Mindset to Achieve Freedom.

In this module, we will: 

1. Identify our blocks, limiting beliefs, and the societal musts ingrained in our DNA

2. Truly understand how each task we perform either creates the dream or the nightmare 

3. Learn practical steps to plotting the course to the life you dream to have

Flow in Home Education.

In this module, we will: 

1. Go over methods to inspire your kids to be independent learners

2. Create routines for harmony in the household

3. Learn tips and tricks to streamline an organic schedule

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Karen Matamoros is a coach helping parents create freedom in life, business and homeschooling. A few years ago, she decided to sell her 6-figure business to start unschooling her two daughters on the road full time and has been traveling the world ever since.

Photo Nov 23 11 22 29 PM

Ann Holman is a retired US Navy Chief and full-time slow traveler with her son and Yorkie Poo. She is also the creator of YouTube Mastermind for Single Moms and the YouTube channel, Priority Focused Life.

Handling The Chaos in Life.

In this module, we will: 

1. Identify which emergencies should have priority in our day, so we can create a domino effect of calm and resolutions for our family

2. Learn how to be empathetic to others while protecting our own health and sense of calm

3. Go over practical tips for recognizing and reducing our own, internal chaos, so we can be strong for our family

Legacy Building 101.

In this module, we will: 

1. Learn how to pass down our values, spirituality, & life skills

2. Discuss life insurance, wills, and investing

3. Provide EASY actionable steps to start today

Turn your Big Idea into an Online Business.

In this module, we will: 

1. Get over imposter syndrome to pursue your dream

2. Learn the importance of taking calculated risks as a single mom

3. Discover the 5 steps to start your biz TODAY

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Valencia Morton is a money mindset and business coach for single moms. She got rid of $60k in debt in 4 years through side hustles. She now helps other moms do the same through creating their dream online business.

This Event Starts on Wednesday January 5th

You will have Access to:

1. Daily pre-recorded modules kept under an hour

 2. Downloadable worksheets 

3. Q & A Thread 

4. A Live Event on Saturday, January 11th at 9pm EST/6pm PST to answer your questions

5. All recordings available until February 11th