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14 2We held our first event as a way to see how children would adapt to all types of workshops. We were blown away by how receptive they were. Sometimes inexperience is confused with capability. Just because a child has not had much experience with something does not mean they are not capable of embracing that experience. During our first event we put this to the test.

We mixed free play with more specific instruction. We shared experiences in yoga, emotions, herbs and healing, meditation, technology, and introspection. The experience was intriguing and entertaining. They opened up and shared and got to know each other in a deeper level. And the combination of opening them up to a deeper connection combined with free play created a fun and relaxing atmosphere in which they excelled.

Parents seemed equally thrilled with the options the kids experienced. It was great opening adventure for what Project: KAring has now become and continues to evolve to. Our focus has always been to give the children tools that have, up to know, not been easily accessible. And as the quest continues we hope to reach more children with even more experiences.

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