We offer plans for all budgets and with different types of listing capabilities.
You have the ability to create a listing that offers all the information your prospective clients might need to understand your business and easily contact you. We offer location services in which a client can search by area. We, also, list your events and offer you the option of creating online deals to promote your business. One of our favorite offerings is a firsthand look into your business. You can invite one of our blogging mommas to take part in one of your offerings so we can meet you and share all that you have to offer with our blogging community. With all these tools, your future customers can get to know you before they set foot in your establishment.

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First, choose a plan to suit your budget and strategy. You can choose from:


Then, use the registration form to create your business listing page.

As you go through the registration process, give your prospective clients the information they need to understand your business and easily contact you. Describe your business and offerings, tell them where you are located and who your services are for, and how you can be contacted. Build your listing enphasive what sets you apart to make it stand out!


We'll review your information and

Your business listing goes online.

You get your account login and password so you can modify any time your business details, offers or events.



As soon as it goes online, your business listing page becomes visible to our community.

Your company gets visibility and ranking both on our website and on all national and international search engines.

You start getting leads and valuable traffic is driven to your website.

Your business listing page is also available on mobile devices.

Giving Back!

When you list with us, you are also joining our community of contributors!
One of the missions, of Project: KAring, is to make tools and education available to children of all backgrounds. As we created this platform, we set-up several ways to fund this mission. Yes, this directory was created to make unique alternative educators and centers easily accessible to all children, but also to create organically flowing funds so all children are capable of participating in the programs being offered. So not only will you be seen by those that need your services the most, but you will also be contributing to reaching children that would likely not have access to these types of programs.

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Premium Plan

We aim to create a tribe in every sense of the word. And we aim to be a tribe for our vendors as well/ We understand that as entrepeneur sometimes you need assistance in the form of education and support. When you sign up for our premium plan, we do just that. Not only will you get extra features as part of your dashboard, so you can conduct as much business as you can through one trusted portal, but we will also assist you in the digital world by educational content that can help your business rise, live courses you can participate in and inclusion in promotional campaigns through all our media.

Featured Listing

Your listing will be feature amongst the first to pop up upon a search of your category.

Premium Dashboard

The most available features of all the plans, for an easy one stop shop where your customers can see the core of your business and your offerings.

Social Campaigns

We will share your business in social media campaigns and email marketting.

Zoom Portal

Access zoom through your dashboard to reach clients easily and within a digital storefront.

PK Business Academy

You get free access to pre-recorded educational modules as well as 4- live classes per year during which you will be able to participate and ask questions.

PK Digital Tribe

Access to our private PK Digital Tribe FB group, where you can interact othe questions and get answers directly from the course creator.

Premium Plan

  • Html Description
  • Show Business Logo
  • Website Address
  • Google Map
  • Phone
  • Images & Videos
  • Contact Form
  • Business Offers
  • Hosted Events
  • Opening Hours
  • Social Networks
  • Related Companies
  • Link Follow
  • Testimonials
  • Services List


per month

Featured Plan

If you simply want your listing to appear amongst the first,
plus some upgraded features on your dashboard,
like extra pictures,
videos and much more.
The feature plan includes just that!


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