Our goal is to reach every child!


One of the missions, of Project: KAring, is to make tools and education available to children of all backgrounds. As we created this platform, we set-up several ways to fund this mission. We may not be a non-profit organization but we are set-up like one, as we use our profits to help kids that would otherwise not get an opportunity to participate in events and learning opportunities.


All the vendors that list with us, also join

our community of contributors!


Yes, our directory was created to make unique alternative educators and centers easily accessible to all children, but also to create organically flowing funds so all children are capable of participating in the programs being offered. We grant scholarships not only for Project: KAring workshops, events and retreats, but also for classes at any of the places listed in our directory. The more the community grows the more we are able to give back.
Advertiser also join the team!
 By advertising with us, businesses get to reach their target clientele but also add to the piggy bank that creates scholarships. And through affiliate programs, anyone that links through using our website and makes purchases also contributes. We are a community working organically to give back.

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