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Amazing teachers, children, and regular people who have shared their wisdom and knowledge with us

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Amazing Kids

Children that pursue their passion, love learning new things or excel in a specific fields.

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Our Video Library for Kids

Videos in various subject areas that we love and want to share

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Young Entrepreneurs

Kids and young adults who have created businesses to showcase their talents or help the world with their inventions.

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Do you have an amazing talent, invention or endeavour? enter our amazing kids contest for a chance to show of your talents on our platform plus many more prices.

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Project: KAring Channel

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Videos for kids of all ages focusing on the Body, Mind and Soul.

Young Entrepreneurs


Do you have an amazing business, invention or platform? Enter our Young Entrepreneurs Contest for a chance to show of your business on our platform plus many more prices.

We will start accepting entries February 1, 2020. Please, check back for entry details.

Empowering books for young ones

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