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- Was founded on August 2015 by Karen Matamoros

- We are a community dedicated to providing children with the tools they require to become the best versions of themselves, by making alternative education focused on the body, mind, and soul available and easily accessible through tools, directories, and a community forum.

- Our mission is to facilitate the cultivation of each child’s mind, body, and spirit from an early age to avoid extreme outcomes which will require healing instead of nurturing. We aim to help grow a generation who does not need to heal from their childhood.

- Our website is made up of:

  • Our directory was created to bring students and teachers together. It also offers aligned business education for our vendors to really help them shine in the online world.
  • Our learning portal consists of videos for kids to facilitate our mission, contests, children from the community and the world that have accomplished amazing things, and much more
  • Our programs are currently held in different parts of the USA, and vary from small courses, large events with local vendor, to retreats.
  • Our parent community offers parents videos and articles on different forms of education, and a community forum to connect with other parents.
  • Our blog is led by our founder, Karen Matamoros, with occasional guest bloggers. We write about our thoughts and experiences on education, as well as travel, and life in general.

- Our Profits Go Back to the Community! We may not be a non-profit organization but we function as one. All profits from advertising, our directory and events, create scholarships for the children to use with the vendor of their choosing. As we believe in the importance of providing the right choice in education to every child, not just to those from affluent backgrounds.

-Our name and logo came about in complex manner, as many contributed to its conceptualization. First, we needed a name that implied action. The word project implies teamwork, precision and a particular heading, all active, all which describe us perfectly. The second part of our name is a play between Caring and Karen, the project’s creator, but also an emphasis on the Egyptian word KA, demonstrated by the hands hieroglyph, which refers to life-force or spirit. KA coupled with a seedling or sprout shows the balance between the body and our life-force. This balance is what we believe should be at the core of children’s education. As when our inner and outer self is at harmony we can achieve great things.

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