Let Them Get Dirty!

Photo Apr 19 12 04 49 PM     Parents are often tired and overwhelmed and this feeling often leads to the “No! Don’t get dirty response!”. Yes, spending those extra 30 minutes cleaning up an unnecessary mess can seem like an enormous and unwanted task that we will do anything in our power to avoid. Totally understandable! But once in a while, let them get dirty! Let them make a mess!

     When toddlers use their hands to play with food, or throw it over their high chairs onto the floor or spread their mash potatoes all over the table… they are learning. Their natural curiosity leads them to conduct their own form of scientific study that sometimes causes a mess. And as we pick up that zippy cup off the floor for the tenth billion time and our backs ache from bending over for the tenth billion time, just think that you might have the next Einstein on your hands.

     Outdoor play can also get quite messy. Making mud pies and playing in puddles are not always conducive to a clean child. Some things that can assist is being prepared. Maybe keep older more worn out clothes for muddy days, bring a change of clothes, baby wipes are always helpful, and possibly a hazmat suite depending how serious the situation can get, lol. But give them a chance to be free. To play as they wish with as little restrictions as possible. This is their opportunity to be in touch with nature, to create new games, to find new art mediums, and so much more. Yes, getting dirty is part of the experience because in them trying not to get dirty they might not try things that may change their world.

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