FAQ- Karen Matamoros

Why did you sell your business?

I felt completely trapped by the crazy hours that my brick and mortar business required, and I wanted to have a choice on how to use my time.

Why did you start homeschooling?

There were many reasons I started homeschooling but the main one was to provide my kids with a more well-rounded education. We were going through a really hard time in our family life and there was never enough time to process the emotions of what was happening. So, I decided to give them the give of time and choice.

What made you decide to start traveling?

While homeschooling, I felt restricted in only offering them one perspective by being in one location, so I set off to explore how each part of the world lives and how they perceive their history.

How can you afford this lifestyle?

We minimized our spending, and “things”. We travel with minimal processions and house/pet sit on the road. We also stick to free activities and national parks.

How do you support yourself on the road?

I created an online business to help me with this goal, but during its creation I did many types of odd jobs for extra cash. I am a tinker fairy, so I can build you a house or bake you a cake.

Best tip on how to safe on the road?

National Parks Pass! There are so many incredible places included with this $80/per year pass and it pays for everyone in your party!

What is your favorite place to visit?

This one is impossible to answer, as each place has been amazing for a different reason, but I would say the place I keep going back to is Asheville, NC. The weather, the mountains, the people…. great combination.

Do your kids miss home?

There are a couple of ways I make sure this doesn’t happen:

  • We created their space inside their dad’s home that they can call their own, and we touch back every few months.
  • We hold regular family meetings on the road to make sure they are still enjoying the experience. During these meetings, they help plan and choose the length of time before we touch back.

What about their dad?

We’ve been very lucky to have the support of my ex-husband. He gives the kids child support and touches base with them regularly so they can feel supported.

What about socialization?

We meet many people on the road, we also take detours to meet unschooling families, but they will also facetime friends all over the world.

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