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What is Project: KAring?

Project: KAring is an online alternative education portal focused on the body mind and soul. We are a community of teachers and parents looking to provide children with the tools they need to be the best versions of themselves, and we want these tools to reach the whole child.

What need led you to create Project: KAring?

When I started homeschooling I found it challenging to find classes outside of the academic enrichment realm. My children ended up participating in a lot of adult courses on emotions and internal growth. So, I wanted to provide parents easy access to teachers, and unique programs.

Was it always an online business?

Originally, I had planned for a brick and mortar, but then I realized how limiting that would be and how much more people I could assist if I created an online realm.

Why did you change the way the business operated?

Once I figured out, how to reach more people, I had to create a business model that would facilitate every child to this type of education.

What does the website consist of?

The website is split into a directory, learning portal, parents’ community, blog, and programs. With the directory having a back door for our vendors to list their business and aligned business training to really help them shine.

Why did you create the Directory?

The directory’s main purpose is to bring the student and teacher together. But it also provides our vendors a place to learn, advertise and hold classes, and a place for the students to access all their teachers.

Why did you add the option of scholarships?

It was important that this type of education was available to all. SO we created a circle business plan in which the profits from the directory listings and advertising gets turned into scholarships that the children can use towards our vendors.

What are the events like?

Our larger events are a medley of vendors offering small samples of their services all in one place. Smaller events offer classes in the more unique realms of learning, for kids and parents.

What is the hopes for Project: KAring 10 years down the line?

We hope to be able to provide free alternative education to the masses, not only for homeschooled or unschooled kids but also as extracurricular.

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