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Children are born radiating pure love, outstanding curiosity, and unmatched creativity. These distinctive traits usually dull with age, however. Traditional societal institutions tend to pigeonhole children, demanding each individual behave and learn in the same exact way; and over time without the tools of healthy self-expression many lose touch with who they are at their core. The effects of this disconnect can reach well beyond angst, resulting in children lashing out at the world around them, or falling into states of deep depression, which opens the door to addictions, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, etc.

Our mission is to facilitate the cultivation of each child’s mind, body, and spirit from an early age to avoid extreme outcomes which will require healing instead of nurturing. Our goal is to make finding the right and thorough education easily available to every child, not just to those from affluent backgrounds, but from everywhere with any type of upbringing. We have compiled classes and courses in as many aspects of life as we can, with special emphasis on:

  • helping children understand and process their emotions,
  • teaching them how to respect and embrace the land as a source of sustenance and life, and
  • equipping them with the tools they need to tap into their spirit and the ancient knowledge inherent within them.

We plan to grow to offer education from different platforms for further reach. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that can provide assistance in many circumstances. We realize that not all children learn in the same way, not all children have the same means, not all children have the same desires. So slowly we will increase our offerings from a directory, to traveling libraries, and in the future to centers.

Adults who wish to enlighten themselves through education on things beyond academics can find the information they seek with some degree of ease, but alternative education courses are not often readily available to children, much less are a variety of them available all in one space. There is a great need for a center for supplementary education available to children, as children are best poised to benefit from early exposure to this sort of information. This center would offer courses and classes geared to provide children with supplemental or alternative knowledge about the world at large; focusing on respecting the land, nurturing the mind, body, and spirit, and understanding the emotions.

These centers will be a peaceful, nature-oriented “blank canvas”. The teachers will come from all walks of life, each a master of his or her craft, and will be invited to offer weekly classes or weekend courses. We will provide a safe space for homeschool parents to come and teach. We will also host large expositions to serve as sampling of this new perspective on education.

People are becoming more and more aware in their lives, recognizing that many of today’s communities have fallen into a hollow routine. Our land has been ignored, and the Earth has been taken for granted. Many adults find themselves caught off-guard, not knowing how to healthily process their feelings and emotions. Because of this, many crave a different sort of education for their children: one that reaches beyond academics, focusing on empowerment, living life to its fullest, embracing emotions, and respecting the world around them. And we hope to help bridge the gap for future generations.

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