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One of the missions, of Project: KAring, is to make tools and education available to children of all backgrounds. As we created this platform, we set-up several ways to fund this mission. We may not be a non-profit organization but we are set-up like one, as we use our profits to help kids that would otherwise not get an opportunity to participate in events and learning opportunities.


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Yes, our directory was created to make unique alternative educators and centers easily accessible to all children, but also to create organically flowing funds so all children are capable of participating in the programs being offered. We grant scholarships not only for Project: KAring workshops, events and retreats, but also for classes at any of the places listed in our directory. The more the community grows the more we are able to give back.
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 By advertising with us, businesses get to reach their target clientele but also add to the piggy bank that creates scholarships. And through affiliate programs, anyone that links through using our website and makes purchases also contributes. We are a community working organically to give back.

In striving for balance in life, we must take into consideration 3 important areas of ourselves, the health of our physical bodies, the growth of knowledge for our minds, and the complexity of our inner wellness. Focusing on one area above another makes it much harder to achieve a state of flow in which happiness is the most important endeavor. Unfortunately, adults tend to get caught up in a cycle of work, eat and sleep to then awake and do it all over again the next day. Having work take up a big chunk of time makes it difficult to fit in things like going to the gym and getting a good night sleep, or taking time for introspection and meditation, or taking a class on something to help grow your knowledge on a particular field. In not being able to take care of your life, living becomes survival and happiness becomes harder to achieve.

Unfortunately, our current school system is helping us raise children that fall into the same pattern. It reinforces the idea of learning as a mean to get a job to become part of that societal template. Because of this more and more people each day are in search for alternative ways to teach their kids and have them grow to be well rounded individuals. For us at Project: KAring, assisting in this search has become top priority. Causing a change in the educational system might not be an easy task but bridging the gap between those that offer alternatives and those looking for them is totally doable. It is not one person’s job to change the system, it takes a village or a world that is open to raising a generation with the right tools to achieve a life of happiness.

Focusing on children is the most important part of our mission, this is because learning the tools for balance in life are imperative from a young age. The earlier things are learned the more fluid the outcome is, and it starts preparing future adults for a life based on living instead of surviving. Focusing on these 3 main areas, body, mind and soul, with equal intention can allow for more understanding of who they are and what makes them tick. In understanding themselves they can then make educated decisions on the type of life they wish for and how to achieve it without falling into survival mode.

Learning about their physical bodies is not a straight forward issue. We are all very different each body reacts differently to certain types of food, and each body has different needs based on the level of activity. Learning about feeding the body for optimal affect can help children to grow with an innate ability to do what is necessary to stay healthy. Exploring physical activity can also help achieve organic movement. Using our muscles and keeping the heart healthy doesn’t necessarily have to equal going to the gym. Exploring thing like sports, dance, hikes and other forms of physical activity can teach ways to incorporate exercise as a way of living life and without it turning into something else that “has to” be done.

Educating their minds or acquiring knowledge in ways that teaches them to crave it rather than dread it can create a future in which when they want to accomplish something, looking into learning opportunities can be satisfying and rewarding. The mind is always growing and changing and tools for learning can help easily adapt. Emotions are also a product of the mind and are more easily manageable with the right tools. In learning how to deal with ever arising feelings can be the difference between high stress and manageable stress, and therefore important for balance.

Looking into themselves past the mind, thoughts and feelings, is also very important, as only if we truly know ourselves can we create a world in which we thrive. Finding a practice in which they can experience quieting their minds and reaching within themselves can be beneficial for an ease in dealing with challenging situation, as well as achieving daily peace. Connecting this practice with our bodies and mind can bring everything together for true balance.

In choosing how your child learns about each arena or what practices will work best for them, using your parental intuition and not being afraid to try new things can be the easiest route to take. Parenting can sometimes feel like trial by fire but just doing your best on every decision and just adjusting if any decision turns out to not be a good fit can take some of the weight off. Being a parent is just part of our experience, and if we choose to enjoy it, our children will feel it and flow along with us. Teaching your kids to balance will inherently cause an organic balance within you, the parent, as well, helping you grow together and experience life more freely.

We believe that education comes in many different forms, and that it should be easily available to anyone that would like to access it. As part of the learning revolution we are helping to propel forward, we have created a database of businesses, teachers, programs and events that offer mind expanding opportunities in the areas of body, mind and soul. We have listed traditional after school support but also added homeschooling programs, and businesses that offer alternative learning techniques. We also believe that nature is an amazing teaching tool and have included amazing places to visit. Education happens  through everything that you come into contact with, and we are hoping to make it easy to find anything you want to learn, and interesting new ways of learning them. 



Children are born radiating pure love, outstanding curiosity, and unmatched creativity. These distinctive traits usually dull with age, however. Traditional societal institutions tend to pigeonhole children, demanding each individual behave and learn in the same exact way; and over time without the tools of healthy self-expression many lose touch with who they are at their core. The effects of this disconnect can reach well beyond angst, resulting in children lashing out at the world around them, or falling into states of deep depression, which opens the door to addictions, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, etc.

Our mission is to facilitate the cultivation of each child’s mind, body, and spirit from an early age to avoid extreme outcomes which will require healing instead of nurturing. Our goal is to make finding the right and thorough education easily available to every child, not just to those from affluent backgrounds, but from everywhere with any type of upbringing. We have compiled classes and courses in as many aspects of life as we can, with special emphasis on:

  • helping children understand and process their emotions,
  • teaching them how to respect and embrace the land as a source of sustenance and life, and
  • equipping them with the tools they need to tap into their spirit and the ancient knowledge inherent within them.

We plan to grow to offer education from different platforms for further reach. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that can provide assistance in many circumstances. We realize that not all children learn in the same way, not all children have the same means, not all children have the same desires. So slowly we will increase our offerings from a directory, to traveling libraries, and in the future to centers.

Adults who wish to enlighten themselves through education on things beyond academics can find the information they seek with some degree of ease, but alternative education courses are not often readily available to children, much less are a variety of them available all in one space. There is a great need for a center for supplementary education available to children, as children are best poised to benefit from early exposure to this sort of information. This center would offer courses and classes geared to provide children with supplemental or alternative knowledge about the world at large; focusing on respecting the land, nurturing the mind, body, and spirit, and understanding the emotions.

These centers will be a peaceful, nature-oriented “blank canvas”. The teachers will come from all walks of life, each a master of his or her craft, and will be invited to offer weekly classes or weekend courses. We will provide a safe space for homeschool parents to come and teach. We will also host large expositions to serve as sampling of this new perspective on education.

People are becoming more and more aware in their lives, recognizing that many of today’s communities have fallen into a hollow routine. Our land has been ignored, and the Earth has been taken for granted. Many adults find themselves caught off-guard, not knowing how to healthily process their feelings and emotions. Because of this, many crave a different sort of education for their children: one that reaches beyond academics, focusing on empowerment, living life to its fullest, embracing emotions, and respecting the world around them. And we hope to help bridge the gap for future generations.

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