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JEMFAST is a training-based program for kids. We understand the need for physical movement for a child as a means to healthy JEMSPORTS picturedevelopment, and we also understand that not every child learns the same way. So, we created two programs in an attempt to reach every child.

Our program JEMSPORTS is targeted towards kids and young adults that enjoy organized sports like football, basketball, baseball, etc. We work with young athletes to professionals to help them achieve optimal performance.

JEMKIDS programAnd for those children that are not drawn to the competitiveness of sports, we created JEMKIDS. JEMKIDS is a program in which we get kids moving through play and while having fun. We find it important to introduce kids to movement in a way they enjoy so it becomes organic in their lives and something the crave to do.

Children in this atmosphere are not getting enough physical activity for their developing bodies, and we aim to provide an alternative they can add to their weekly schedule to assist in this issue. We work either in person in an outdoor setting in Miami Shores, FL or via zoom. As long as we can see the child we can coach them to move!

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Miami Shores, Florida, Miami-Dade County, United States

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