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Transforming triggers to treasure!

My name is Karen Murphy. 

I started my training 10 years ago when I realized that I had no idea how best to support my kids with all the emotional stuff.   And there was lots of emotional stuff!   

This is planet Earth after all and life is often messy.  As much as I aspired to protect my kids from times of challenge, chaos and heartache I soon realized that's not possible.  Those are a given and they're here for the full experience.

Then my question became, how can I raise my kids to weather the storms, flow the emotions, self-regulate in times of stress and ultimately bring themselves back into balance no matter what life cooked up.  

I went in search of the most constructive teachings, tools, strategies and practices I could find that would result in both inner and outer balance. 

What I found revolutionized our family life.  These are some of the teachings and trainings I dove into:

Parenting by Connection Approach / Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Social Emotional Learning / Nonviolent communication / EFT (Emotional Free Technique) / Mindfulness / Reiki (and other related subtle body energy techniques) / The Emotion Code / Soul Realignment / parenting for soul consciousness

As I incorporated each layer into my parenting and my practice I streamlined and quantum leaped my ability to support my kids and my clients.

I specialize in supporting the evolution of inner alignment for outer thriving! I work with awakening parents seeking to re-parent themselves and raise kids with deep emotional connection and intelligence. 

My unique approach combines emotional intelligence-based parenting insight and integrative energy healing modalities to re-program both the conscious and subconscious layers of family challenges.  

Together we shift family dynamics from conflicted to collaborative, stressful to supportive, and triggered to transformative. 

I look forward to connecting with you! 

p.s. My kids are now 20 and 15 and still keep me on my toes in the best ways! 

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