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The Young Entrepreneurs program, sponsored by Project: KAring, offers kids from 5 to 22 an opportunity to see the world of business from the different perspective. We meet via zoom in a mastermind style setting, during which we share each other's thoughts, ideas, and views of each topic being discussed. The program is as educational as it is exploratory. This is because we don’t only learn the steps required to start our own business, but we also take deep dives into what each area means to us. How entrepreneurship relates to our life, our preferences, our morals, our lifestyle, and so much more! We also target mindset, one of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur. All catered to the student’s age and level of understanding.


Karen Matamoros founder of Project: KAring

The teacher: Karen Matamoros has been an entrepreneur her whole life. She sold her 6-figure business 3 years ago to create a life of freedom for her and her two daughters. Since then, she has been traveling the world, creating an online business, and teaching entrepreneurial skills to children from a young age as a means to provide them with a different viewpoint to standard education.

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